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Thanks Heather and dsks for the info.
I will have a look at their website also.
I used    with an 10MB rate.  Pay as you go, rates on their website. (about $150 for router/installation up front).  I've had no issues with them to-date, just email them a couple days in advance with the dates I want the service enabled and pay them at the end.

Havnt used IPTV but  Netflicks works great.  I think they may do premium TV packages also.
Somebody on the Facebook group was having issues with their TV Horadada signal. They were looking at changing provider, as the signal kept dropping out.

Hi Gavin,
Thanks for that, yes I have read that 5mbps is the minimum reqd, I was just wondering if anybody on site had IPTV and what the quality was.
I havn't had the wireless internet installed yet but apparently TVHoradada are the only company that provide it on a Pay As You Go basis.
They have a shop at Los Narejos near the Hotel 525.
I don’t have it on site but I have been told that 5mbps is required for IPTV so you should be ok. Where did you go to get your wireless internet?
Hi All,
I have been looking at getting the Wireless Internet from 'TV Horadada'. They seem to be the only company that provide wireless internet on a Pay As you Go basis.
The download speed is approximately 6mb.

I am also thinking of getting IPTV over this wireless internet.
Does anybody onsite have IPTV over the internet and if you have what would you say an OK download speed for a quality picture?
Many Thanks,
General Discussion for Murcia / Re: Corvera Airport
« Last post by AndyP on June 08, 2018, 02:25:56 PM »
San Javier will close on the 14th and flights from Corvera airport will commence on 15th January 2018:
General Discussion For United Golf, La Tercia / La Tercia Fiesta 2018
« Last post by Dave on May 02, 2018, 11:10:18 AM »
Hi Folks,

Please see flyer below advertising 'Bingo' in aid of funding for La Tercia Fiestas Patronales 2018 in July.  Bingo is in Bar Centro this week and alternates weekly between the 3 bars in the village - the organisers of La Tercia Fiestas hold these bingo sessions.

We all enjoy joining in at the various 'free' events/entertainments during Fiesta in July so this is a good way to contribute while enjoying a good time with friends and family.

The bingo numbers are usually called in spanish and english so come and practice your spanish numbers and use the english ones as a fall back!
Good morning all members and would be members of the La Tercia Healthy Eating & Slimming  Group.

At last week's meeting we had a discussion amongst the group members and it was decided to bring the meeting time forward to enable the group to do some "healthy" exercises in the gym before the meeting starts.  We then plan to migrate to the Meeting Place at about 10.15 am for our normal session.

So from Thursday 19 April, this will be the format for the La Tercial Healthy Eating and Slimming Club.  Its not mandatory to attend the exercise element of the meeting so  please note the delayed start to the meeting itself to 10.15 am or thereabouts.

Unless notified otherwise the La Tercia Healty Eating and Slimming Club will be held each Thursday - 9.30 am at the gym and then 10.15 am at the Meeting Place for weigh in and chat.

Margaret and I look forward to welcoming old and new members on Thursday.
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